The Blog

Welcome to The Mind-Muscle Connection. Welcome to my world, that is, welcome to my worlds.

This blog is a connection, meant to bridge the gap between the intellectual and the physical, to underscore the interconnectedness and reciprocity between the mind and the body.

Primarily, it is an intellectual inquiry into the world of bodybuilding. It is meant to look critically at numerous and varying aspects of bodybuilding.

It seeks to explore the intersections of bodybuilding and academia, and thus to determine and delimit their relationship. In other words, this blog seeks to probe the academic perspectives concerning bodybuilding and determine the capacity for the physical to enter the space of the intellectual, and vice-versa.

It is meant to be a ‘workout log’ of sorts, documenting my pursuit for meaning and understanding regarding my desire for both intellectual and corporeal growth, as well as how, and to what extent, this can be qualified, justified, and ameliorated.  This blog is a journey into the collective psyche – into my own – to explore social and psychological constructs.

In cultivating these ideas I hope to shed critical light on the realities of bodybuilding that would expose a dynamic constellation of topics, tropes, thoughts, and truths.

The Mind-Muscle Connection is a treatise. It is an attempt at reappropriation.


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